With over 52 years’ experience, Morton Michel is the UK’s leading childcare insurance specialist. We are a family run business renowned for our tailored policies, excellent service, integrity and competitive premiums so you can be sure you have the right cover at the right price, with no hidden costs.

NurseryCare – Insurance for day nurseries

NurseryCare has been designed especially to meet the insurance needs of private day care nurseries, kindergartens, Sure Start Nurseries, Montessori Schools and Childrens Centres.

This comprehensive nursery insurance policy offers value for money, which can be further enhanced by a no claims discount of up to 15%. Its flexibility allows it to be adapted according to your needs.

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PreSchool – Insurance for pre-schools and playgroups

In 1964, Morton Michel developed the first ever insurance policy for playgroups. A pioneer in its field, it's now used by around 4,000 pre-schools, playgroups, nurseries, Montessoris, crèches, Rudolph Steiner groups and kindergartens throughout the UK.

All groups are eligible whether they meet on an all-day or session basis.

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ChildMinder – Insurance for registered childminders

ChildMinder is one of the most comprehensive policies on the market for registered childminders who have children in their care, under the age of eight, on a full daily or part-time basis.

It is a well-known and respected policy amongst childcare professionals. Children over 8 are automatically covered subject to the total number of children in the childminder's house being within the policy maximum of 12 and in accordance with your Ofsted Registration.

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Nanny – Insurance for nannies, doulas, maternity nurses and childminders exempt from compulsory registration

Nanny includes Public Liability which covers you in the event of an accident to a child in your care for which you can be held legally liable.

Our Nanny insurance policy looks after your interests, whilst you look after the children.

Annual premium starting at £64.00.

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If you operate out of your own home, your household insurance may not be valid – some insurers will refuse cover or dispute claims. At Morton Michel we are also able to provide the household cover that you need to use your home for childcaring activities.

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Do you transport children you are caring for in your car? Some insurers will charge you an additional premium for this on your motor insurance. This is not the case with MotorCare from Morton Michel; our policy automatically covers you for use of your car when looking after children in your care, at no extra cost.

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